A Voice of Our Planet


In honor of and tribute to Greta Thunberg
Our planet cries "Help me, I die a slow death
my heart is the air that all creatures must breathe
my lungs are the forests cut down by mankind
my stomach the ocean a slow dying space
my body the earth and the changes it makes
my head is mankind for the good or the bad
my enemy pollution of chemical kinds
my pets are all creatures that fight for their lives.
I remember the last huge drastic die off
the planet survived but only a few
of all creatures survived that horrific event
caused by the many volcanic eruptions
debris in the air blocking sun from the earth
as I watch global warming making more clouds
as it makes glaciers melt and waters to rise
but I hear Greta Thunberg appealing for help.
She talks of her young people friends of her age
16 year olds worrying about what they face
as they grow watching changes that threaten their world
and maybe there won't be a livable earth
100 more years from today .
I pray that help isn't too little too late.